Drain Services

Keep Your Pipes Clear With Our Quick and Effective Drain Services

Drain ServicesNo matter how much preventative maintenance you do on your plumbing, clogs can happen in the blink of an eye, especially if something goes down a drain that doesn’t belong there. However, most clogged drains do happen over time as debris, grease, hair, and other debris collects in the curves and crooks of the piping.

You might notice the following symptoms of clogged drains:

  • Slowly draining water
  • Multiple flushes needed to clear the toilet bowl
  • Showers that flow on and off
  • Gurgling noises after flushing the toilet or when draining the bathtub
  • Water backing up into sinks and bathtub after flushing the toilet

Don’t wait until these problems can no longer be ignored. Anyone who has dealt with an overflowing sink or toilet knows that clogged drains can unleash a nightmare into your residence. Serious clogs can cause plenty of damage to your home. At Ottawa Plumbers Inc., we have the solution to quickly and effectively clear your drains.

Kitchen Drain Services

In the kitchen, bits of food, oil, grease, and more are getting slowly emptied into the sink drain, clogging it overtime. If you have a dishwasher and/or garburator (garbage disposal unit), this adds another layer of waste getting pushed through your kitchen plumbing. Have one of our plumbers come to inspect the kitchen plumbing and clean out the traps and pipes nearby to keep everything freely flowing.

Bathroom Drain Services

Sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets get clogged routinely. Plungers might work for the first few instances, but then you end up with clogs that don’t budge. Instead of pouring chemical remedies down the pipes that could overtime cause more damage (and bigger problems), have a plumber diagnose the problem, clean the pipes, and solve the issue instead.

Affordable Drain Services

Tired of experiencing the frustration of constantly clogged drains? Call us to closely inspect your entire residence. Our experts will be able to find the cause of the clogs and give multiple options for correcting the problem. With our affordable rates, there’s no reason you can’t receive superior quality service with fast, guaranteed results.

Contact us today. We promise honest and affordable service.