Bathrooms and Toilets

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Looking for bathroom plumbing services that you can trust? The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your household, next to the kitchen. So whenever there is a plumbing problem in the bathroom, your day can go from good to bad rapidly. Our professional team takes pride in our bathroom and toilet plumbing services, because we know that by keeping you and your family regularly, you stay happy and healthy! That’s why we offer outstanding customer service, quick and efficient repairs, and honesty from start to finish.

Our Bathroom Plumbing Services

At Ottawa Plumbers Inc., we have been responding to calls from people like you for a number of plumbing services throughout the area. The most common calls we receive are for services like:

  • Clogged bathroom drains
  • Clogged toilets
  • Toilet and shower backups
  • Leaking faucets
  • Noisy toilets

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your bathroom, give us a call immediately. These problems are often a symptom of a bigger problem, and you shouldn’t wait until you have burst pipes.

Bathroom Plumbing Installation

You might not have a plumbing emergency. Maybe you just help with installing fixtures. No problem. We can do that too. Our trained plumbers have multiple years of experience handling many brands of plumbing fixtures. Whether you have a remodeling project going on, or if your old fixtures finally need to be replaced, we’re here to answer your questions and provide support. Give us a call today to learn more.

Bathroom and Toilet Maintenance

One way to stop problems in the bathroom before they start is to schedule quality maintenance checks throughout the year. Our professional team of plumbers have knowledge working with all kinds of systems and parts. No matter what kind of system you have, we are certain that we can be of service. Water lines, sewer lines, piping, sump pumps, toilets, garbage disposals, showers, and more fall into our areas of expertise. We can inspect and provide preventative maintenance by checking for clogs, cracks, and more. This keeps everything working better for longer.

That’s what we call a sound investment.

If you need bathroom and toilet plumbing services, give us a call today. We can send a plumber out to your residence as soon as possible and get your household back on track.