The Worst Plumbing Fails Ever

Sometimes you might think that you’re doing a good job and end up worse off than you started. Plumbing is one of those things. Luckily, you can always count on a professional plumber to help bail you out of plumbing fails.   Don’t be like the people in the following examples. Call your local plumber to get helpful and fast service, any time!  


Here are the worst plumbing fails ever:


Piping Mazes

You can find dozens of examples on the internet of piping fails that look like a maze designed for science. The pipes bend and twist through one another like pretzel knots. Why do pipe mazes happen? People don’t know how to connect pipes or cut them down to size, or they wind up with more than one outlet.  


Sinking Feelings

Sinks are the bane of existence for many DIYers. Some forget to measure. Some forget pieces of the hardware. Others fail to make connections with the pipes. One of the worst has been the DIYer who installed a faucet without actually having any sink present.   Another example? Someone who installed the faucet upside down, so the spout was touching the basin.  


Shut The Door

Working within tight spaces can be troublesome. When it comes to installing toilets, you should always make appropriate measurements. Otherwise, you will end up with doors that can’t open or close because the toilet is blocking the door’s path; toilet bowls too close to the walls so you can’t sit down; toilets cramped up near a sink; and so on.  


Shocking Development

Sometimes during construction or renovations, certain elements are overlooked. That includes electric outlets.   Incorrect plumbing can lead to water that spurts out of electrical sockets on opposite walls and water damage. There have been instances when showers are moved and come perilously close to sockets, too.   Again, this can be averted by actually planning out your plumbing project or hiring a professional plumber to help.  


Bottles and Hoses

Some DIYers do the opposite of making pipe mazes. Sometimes, you run out of pipe, because you didn’t measure. And without any other way to connect two points together or stop water from spilling out all over the floor, you have to get crafty. Many plumbing fails include plastic bottles acting as connections or containers. You can see hoses running from one appliance to the other, such as waste water from the sink running via hose to a drain or to the toilet.   Don’t do that. It’s asking for trouble.   In the end, you might be better off with hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and what materials are needed. That way, you won’t have to worry about running out of pipe, measuring incorrectly, or winding up with a useless bathroom.