What to Know About Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is at the heart of every Ottawa household. It is where meals and memories are made. Sometimes, in order to make your kitchen space even more perfect, you think about changing a few things around. Renovated kitchens not only boost the appeal and comfort of your home, it will also increase the overall value of your house. So if you are planning on renovating your kitchen, you need to ensure that it is done right the first time around to avoid any unnecessary and costly mistakes.  


Here are some tips to help you get the most out of kitchen renovations:


Communicate and Consult

Do a little research on the latest kitchen renovation and plumbing trends. Figure out what designs are possible for the space you have and what kind of contractors you will need to contact in order to get the project done. You will want to have a list of wants and needs for your kitchen early on in the planning stage, because it will help with constructing a budget and when discussing your dream kitchen with professionals.   Keep in mind that the plumber will need to communicate with other professionals, such as the electrician and the carpenter.  


Budgeting and Planning

Once you get a clear picture in your head, list everything out, along with the estimated price. This includes the materials you will need for installing appliances. Knowing your budget is key when describing the job, because you may have to pick and choose projects based on what you can afford. Remember, rearranging the plumbing can be a costly job.  


Choose The Right Appliances

If you are remodeling your kitchen, you will eventually want to put in new appliances. First, choose energy-efficient models, because you will save money and do your part for the environment. Secondly, make sure you are selecting appliances that will fit into the space provided. Don’t mistakenly choose the wrong sink size or depth, since that could mess up the plumbing. The same is true for refrigerators and freezers, gas stoves, and dishwashers.  


How Plumbers Help With Kitchen Renovations

Plumbers need to coordinate with other tradespeople involved in the renovations. This means that the procedure will follow the below pattern, but based on your particular needs, some steps may take longer than others or need to be repeated. However, in general, this is how plumbers assist with kitchen renovations:  

  • Inspection: Before, during, and after the kitchen renovation project, you can hire a plumber to come in and check out existing plumbing or any rearranged pipes and water lines. The plumber will check everything from fixtures, water lines, drainage, and more to ensure that you don’t have plumbing problems that will need to be repaired prior to renovations—or any glaring mistakes once everything is finished.
  • Relocation: Plumbers can reorganize waste and water pipes during the renovation.
  • Installation: Once cabinets and counter tops have been installed or replaced, a residential plumber can come in to reconnect and reinstall/replace any appliances that require a hook up to the plumbing, as well as installing any new fixtures like faucets, ice-makers, garbage disposals, and dishwashers.


Need help? 

You can trust us with all your kitchen renovation plumbing in Ottawa. Our work is highly dependable and insured, and our professional team is highly experienced in the field. We can bring your envisioned kitchen to life, whether that is rearranging the plumbing, installing new kitchen appliances, like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and sink, or doing an inspection after the renovations are complete.   When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you can’t do without a professional and licensed plumber in Ottawa. Call us or contact us today.